La Postreria Delicatessen will sweep you off your feet with a range of delightful gourmet products including premium dark and white chocolates, with a range of crunchy nuts to smooth pralines. Our macaroons baked confection will melt in your mouth giving you a dream of the old vintage streets, and our assorted collection of pastries will lure you till you give in to them. Our cookies are the only ticket you need with tea or coffee. Pure goodness and pure love are the ingredients that we use for all of our products. For us, at La Postreria Delicatessen, your loved ones matter just as much as you do to us. We can help you put together the right gift for the right person at the right occasion. We have delicately designed gift boxes that are on their own a work of art and will make anyone feel special. We have an exceptional range of pastries made with premium ingredients, and are served fresh out of the oven every day. At La Postreria Delicatessen, we guarantee that you will always find luxurious chocolates, sumptuous pastries and all the delectable delights that you crave.

Personalized Services:

  • Our delightful collections of chocolates are a perfect corporate gift for your valued business partners.
  • Celebrate with us, your birthday, anniversary or any special occasion, we offer you a range of beautiful and luscious cakes and pastries which can be customized per your request.
  • Enjoy your tea party with an assortment from our confection delicatessen, or light up your evening with family and friends.